Desire Lines
is a documentary exploring the intersections of sex, gender, and desire. Implicit at this intersection are issues of race, class, and nationhood, among others. Specifically, the film looks at the phenomenon within the trans community around trans-masculine* identified people who begin desiring sexual and/or romantic relationships with cisgender men after coming out as trans. This project is currently in the research and development phase, and thus will likely broaden in scope as time passes. 

We’re currently looking to speak with trans-masculine* identified people who experience sexual attraction to cisgender men, have sex with cisgender men, have short-term and long-term relationships with cisgender men, who desire cisgender men but do not act on those desires, who have sex with cisgender men only in the context of sex work, who have had positive/healing (in person or online) experiences with cisgender men, who have had negative/traumatic (in person or online) experiences with cisgender men, who are confused about their feelings towards/about cisgender men…and everything in between.  

We are also looking to speak with cisgender men who experience sexual attraction to trans-masculine* identified people, have sex with trans-masculine* identified people, have short-term and long-term relationships with trans-masculine* identified people, who desire trans-masculine* identified people but do not act on those desires, who are confused about their feelings towards/about transgender men…and everything in between.

*We use the term trans-masculine identified people as an umbrella term for those who were assigned female at birth/socialized as women, and who identify as men, as trans, as transgender men, as transmen, or as transsexuals. If you use another word for yourself, but feel that we are describing your experience, we invite you to be in touch. Language is ever-evolving and culturally specific. We hope to invite as many people into this process as feel it speaks to them, while also maintaining a specificity around the experiences we are exploring.  

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Please note that participation could take many forms, including ones that maintain your anonymity, if that’s important to you.

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Please let us know why you might be interested in exploring this subject matter "on the record." Feel free to share any of your current thoughts on the subject matter. Also, ff you've been on camera, or participated in the production of any other forms of media, let us know!
Tell us a bit about yourself. What about your experiences and/or personality do you think we would find unique? What perspective(s) do you think you would add to this project?
Documentaries require a time commitment. Not only the interview process, but they take patience because they typically take years to complete. Let us know a little bit about your schedule. Do you have any days off during the week? Are there certain days/times that are better for you, should we move forward with filming?
What questions or concerns do you have for us?