If you identify as trans and are potentially interested in participating in Jules Rosskam's new short film exploring gender identity and dance, please fill out the form below. Filming would consist of you dancing -- or not -- to your favorite song*, in your favorite place to dance, along with a short interview to follow. I use the word dance here in an expansive way. I do not see dance as one form or one possibility.

I am not looking for "good dancers." I am looking for people open to exploring how shifting ones gender may shift ones relationship to dancing--this can include shifts in any direction, including moving from loving to dance to feeling like you can't dance; never dancing to sometimes dancing; being a professional dancer to only dancing alone in your bedroom; never dancing at parties to always dancing at parties --this is very much about exploring *relationship to* dancing rather than dancing itself, which may include dancing from a chair, a bed, or only in your mind.

*If your favorite way to dance does not involve music, no problem. Just indicate that below.

Name *
If you do not live in NYC, or are unable to get there, I still want to hear from you! I just don't have shooting dates in your area yet.
If you live in or are able to travel to San Francisco/Bay Area, please select all dates below that you are available
On said date, we would need you for a 2-3 hour block depending on the location of your shoot.